Natural and harmless incect repellant

Cer’8 Insect Repellent adhesive patch for protection against mosquitoes. Adults & Kids

The insect repellent CER’8 exempt from pesky mosquito bites including the “Asian tiger mosquito” and midges. This innovative adhesive patch contains microcapsules with active Citriodiol naturally derived ingredient.

The insect repellent action of the product starts when you break microcapsules into the patch, creating a protective shield radius of one meter (1m) while lasts up to 6 hours.

The product can be adhesive to clothes, tables, bed and bedside or in the baby’s crib.

It is ideal for outdoor activities and especially practical to use and carry as it protects you without being smeared, sprayed or soiled and you can have it at any time with you without the need of electricity.  


Cer’8 Insect Repellent for the whole family

The CER’8 insect repellent lotion due its unique composition affectively prevents pesky mosquito bites with an action that lasts up to 5 hours.

It is suitable for midges and large number of mosquito species including the “Asian tiger mosquito”.

Its composition is effective even in tropical climates.

Its use is simple. Apply the product to the uncovered parts of the body and spread evenly with the hands (approximately 2 sprays of 0.3g per hand). 

To use it on the face, put on the palms of your hands and apply it carefully to the face of the adult or child, avoiding the eyes and the mouth.

Cover once a day for protection up to 5 hours.

Applying to children is always done by an adult.

Do not use in children under 2 years of age.

With a pleasant citrus aroma.


Cer’8 Roll-on After Bite for immediate relief

A natural formula of herbs known from ancient times for its anti-inflammatory, antiphlogistic and anti-irritant properties that helps in immediate relief from the unpleasant symptoms of the bite as irritation, itching and rashes.

The CER’8 After Bite Roll-on is the most natural and effective solution relief from the unpleasant insect bites.

Suitable for children.

Dermatologically tested. 

It is Italian product and you will find it in pharmacies.