Foltene Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

Foltene Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment

Foltene Eyelash & Eyebrow Treatment


Why women desire thick & long eyelashes?

• They feel more attractive

• Eyes get bigger making women look younger


Medical point of view

-     The eyelashes grow on the eyelid and perform multiple functions. They protect the eyes from various elements in our environment, such as dust particles, winds and even sunlight.

-     We often see our eyelashes becoming shorter, thinner and weaker than usual. Regular use of make-up, pollution, sun, anxiety, drastic diets and poor eating habits can change the quality of keratin, the essential ingredient of the eyelashes, making them fragile and thin.



-     With Tricosaccaride®, Tricalgoxyl® & Hamamelis Virginiana

-     Anti-aging action Ideal for use: before makeup in the morning, after de makeup in the evening

-     Ophthalmologically tested, alcohol & parabens free. Suitable for contact lenses users


Carefully designed formula

-     Tricosaccaride & Tricalgoxyl: are Foltène® PHARMA’s active ingredients: a. stimulate & boost natural hair regeneration,

      b. improve the quality of Keratin, c. help restore the healthy appearance of the eyelashes and eyebrows

-     Hamamelis Virginiana: Active herbal ingredient that moisturizes the eyelashes before using make-up



Every day use

• Apply the treatment in the morning before makeup and the evening after careful cleansing of the make-up.

• Apply the product to the top and bottom lashes starting from the base toward the tips, using the specially designed application brush

• Treatment is also ideal for the thin eyebrows

• The product is suitable for long term use & can also applied to the eyebrows.

• Avoid eye contact. Otherwise rinse with plenty of cool water.



• Stronger, thicker & longer eyelashes and well-shaped eyebrows.

• Ideal for morning and evening use

• Ophthalmologically & dermatologically tested

• Without alcohol

• Also suitable for contact lens users

• It does not irritate the eyes

• Ideal for use before make-up

• It can also be applied to the eyebrows



Every day use