Alleviates the symptoms of IBS, such as;
•     Constipation
•     Diarrhea
•     Bloated feeling
Purifies your bowels
Stimulates a healthy intestinal flora
Natural and effective

1. What is DETOXNER® IBS used for?

Typically, Irritable Bowel Syndroms (IBS) presents itself in late adolescence or early adulthood, and seldom after the age of fifty. Nearly twice as many women suffer with IBS as men. IBS is a chronic condition, causing abdominal pain, cramping, constipation and/or diarrhea, flatulence and/or bloating. Other symptoms can include a change in the frequency or appearance of bowel movement, feelings of uncontrollable urgency to have a bowel movement, and inability/difficulty in passing stools. A well-balanced, hydrated intestinal tract is an important step towards managing and preventing the onset of IBS flare-ups, and alleviating the symptoms of IBS. This is where DETOXNER® IBS comes in. 
Your intestines contain billions of bacteria, both useful and harmful. Normally, this intestinal flora is well-balanced. However, IBS disturbs the balance: bowel movements become irregular, your intestinal activity is affected and so is the moisture level and manoeuvrability of your stool. 

2. What is DETOXNER® IBS?

DETOXNER® IBS is a high-quality, bio-active product that rapidly optimizes your bowel function and alleviates the symptoms of IBS. You may notice the effect of DETOXNER® IBS in as little as one day. 

DETOXNER® IBS is based on the patented 2QR-complex, a bio-active compound derived from plants. 2QR-complex is unique in its ability to selectively neutralize harmful bacteria. Its prebiotic ingredients act as ‘power food’ for the useful bacteria, supporting their development and growth. As a result, DETOXNER® IBS restores balance to the intestinal flora, adjusting and optimizing the bowel function.  DETOXNER® IBS also stimulates the uptake of valuable nutrients, with a special combination of fibres, (Psyllium and Inulin), that regulate bowel movements and the moisture level of your stool. These plant fibres also stimulate the activity of your intestines and improve stool consistency.

While irritable bowel syndrome causes a great deal of discomfort and distress, it does not permanently harm the intestines. In order to manage this syndrome, however for most people, IBS is a chronic condition, although there will likely be times when the signs and symptoms are worse and times when they improve or even disappear completely some people can control their symptoms by managing diet, lifestyle and stress. DETOXNER® IBS helps to alleviate the symptoms of IBS.

3. What does DETOXNER® IBS contain?

One box of DETOXNER® IBS contains 5 sachets, (DETOXNER Mix), and 20 effervescent tablets, (DETOXNER Drink).
The DETOXNER® Mix powder contains a high-grade mix of 2QR-complex*, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Psyllium and Inulin.
The DETOXNER® Drink tablets contain 2QR-complex*, Fructo-oligosaccharides and Inulin.
* The 2QR-complex is a novel and patented ingredient that consists of natural polysaccharides, (galactoarabinan polyglucuronic acid crosspolymer). 

4. When do I use DETOXNER® IBS?

DETOXNER® IBS is intended to be used to alleviate the symptoms of IBS. It is intended for adults and children, aged 16 years and over, who suffer from IBS. DETOXNER® IBS is a natural product to use whenever your IBS flares up. We do recommend that you do not use DETOXNER® IBS for more than 30 consecutive days, in order to allow the intestinal flora and bowel system to settle into its renewed, natural balance without the support of DETOXNER® IBS.

5-day programme
•    Symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, bloated feeling
•    Irregular and/or busy lifestyle
•    Poor eating and drinking habits
•    Stress, affecting your bowels
•    Disturbed intestinal balance, (e.g.: due to foreign food when travelling)

1-day boost
•    The day after a heavy meal
•    The day after eating something that did not agree with you
•    The day after drinking too much alcohol
•    In case of, (incidental), irregular stool
•    Every time you simply want to give your bowel system some extra support

5. What is the effect of DETOXNER® IBS?

The effects of DETOXNER® IBS can be noticed on the first day of use: 
•    DETOXNER® IBS activates the bowel movements, (peristalsis)
•    DETOXNER® IBS corrects and optimizes the natural microflora
•    DETOXNER® IBS regulates the moisture balance and the stool
•    DETOXNER® IBS supports the uptake of nutrients

There are several indicators of these effects when you use DETOXNER® IBS. Not all indicators are a pleasant. They are however linked to the purifying effect off the bowel system and are merely temporary, (for the duration of the programme).

1.    Increased flatulence, (windiness), during the first days of use
2.    Increased frequency of bowel 
3.    Positive change in consistency 
4.    Different smell of the stool

6. How do I use DETOXNER® IBS?

DETOXNER® IBS is a 5-day programme. On five consecutive days, your start your day with one glass of DETOXNER® Mix on an empty stomach. Over the course of each day, you also drink 4 DETOXNER® Drinks: early morning, (after your glass of DETOXNER® Mix) and with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

To get the most out of your 5-day programme:
•    Drink plenty of water, (1.5 litres per day)
•    Make sure you have enough physical activity
•    Avoid alcohol, coffee and meat

Please note: for optimal bowel function it is important to drink plenty of water, (1.5 litres a day) and to make sure you have enough physical activity. This is especially important during the 5-day DETOXNER® IBS programme. We also recommend you avoid alcohol, coffee and meat during the programme. 

•    Empty the contents of one sachet into a glass
•    Fill up the glass with water or fruit juice and stir well
•    Consume straight away, followed by an extra glass of water or fruit juice

•    Dissolve one tablet in a glass 
•    Consume straight away

7. Are there possible side effects?

Constipation may occur if you do not add enough water to the powder and/or tablet. The fibres in DETOXNER® IBS will blend with the contents of your bowels and have the capacity to absorb water. Adding sufficient water maintains the moisture level. Drinking plenty of water, (1.5 litres a day), will help restore and retain the moisture balance. 
Your abdomen may feel ‘full’. This will naturally subside.
Some people experience a slight headache. This too will subside

In case of persistent complaints, consult your physician.

8. When do I not use DETOXNER® IBS?

•    If you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients
•    If you are lactose intolerant 
•    If you experience sudden abdominal pain
•    If you experience vague abdominal pain or if there is any risk of bowel perforation
•    If you suffer from acute inflammatory bowel disease, (such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s)
•    If you suffer from intestinal obstruction
•    If you have undergone bowel surgery
•    If you are a child under 16

Interference with medication

A minimal period of 2 hours between taking DETOXNER® IBS, (Mix or Drink), and medication is advised. DETOXNER® IBS may alter the intestinal passage time and can affect the uptake of medicines and other substances. 

Note to people with diabetes: Talk to your physician before taking fibre supplements, as your dose of diabetes medication may need to be adjusted. Patients with diabetes may need to adapt their medication because DETOXNER® IBS may influence the uptake of glucose.

Pregnancy and lactation

No contraindications are known, however it is advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women to consult a physician before taking DETOXNER® IBS.

9. Storage

Store at room temperature, (10-25⁰C), in the original packaging which protects the ingredients from humidity and light. Do not use after the expiration date, which is stated on the box and sachets. Keep DETOXNER® IBS out of the sight and reach of children. 

10. What's in the box

  • 5 sachets (9 g) 
  • 20 effervescent tablets (4.2 g) 
  • Instructions for use